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For a real GFE you can try your luck in the disco’s and clubs of Minsk. 웨스트 월드 클럽 is an amazing place and a legend in Minsk nightlife. Cool mafia guys, extravagant nouveau riche, Azeri and Turkish businessmen, Western expats and glamorous babes. This scene of ultra short skirts, stiletto heels and sunglasses is spiced up with a large number of working girls and erotic shows. 웨스트 월드 클럽 is definitely a not to miss in Minsk. The atmosphere can be slick and sleazy due to the rough guys and working girls obviously looking around for foreign cash. In the basement you will also find a busy casino and strip joint, where you are allowed to touch the girls. Depending on your negociation skills some girls might also be available for private meetings outside the club. Sometimes 웨스트 월드 클럽 also organizes special student evenings with fair prized drinks. The club is located on Vulitsa Storozhevskaya street (Vulitsa Storozhevskaya) 15a and is attached to the hotel 벨라루스. The local nickname is 'Shayba', meaning 'hockey puck'; a fitting description of this round shaped riverside building. One of the fanciest and classiest clubs in Minsk is Bronx. This ultra hip place on Masherava street 17/1 is decorated in a sleek warehouse-style style is frequented by the most gorgeous gold diggers in town. Bronx also features fashion shows and special guest bands and DJs from abroad.

클럽 최대 표시 is situated in the Oktyabr Cinema on the main street of Minsk Nezavisimosti 73. 최대 표시 is famous for its striptease shows. On some days they have male performers, maybe not your cup of tea but the good thing is that these evenings attract more women to the club. In 최대 표시 you can always observe some working girls sitting next to the bar. One of the highlights of nightlife in Minsk is the big club 시간 외에, located at Pobediteley Avenue 4, close to metro station Nemiga. The club is opposite of the Millennium Casino and not so far from the 빅토리아 호텔 Svisloch 강 은행. 시간 외에 is frequented by the beautiful and fashionable people of Minsk and has a strict face control. 시간 외에 is probably the most popular club among Minsk's girls. Most of them are non-pro’s and easily to approach and open to make acquaintance with foreigners, especially when you master some Russian language skills. One of the most popular dance clubs in Minsk is REAKTOR on Very Khoruzhey 29. This big club decorated in a hip radiation-inspired style features two levels, a spacious dance floor and a karaoke bar. In REAKTOR you will found an enthusiastic young crowd bouncing to house, trance and other styles of electronic music played by popular resident and guest DJs.

As everywhere in the former Sovjet Union people go to clubs very late, so be patient and better don’t visit clubs before midnight.

Of course as any other Eastern European capital Minsk has its own Irish pub called Drozhzhi United. This pub on Sverdlova street 2 is popular with expats and businessmen and hence attracts many Minsk girls looking for foreign acquaintance.

Many youngsters in Minsk dance the night away in 매디슨 클럽, a chic club and bowling palace, located a bit out of the city centre at at Timiryazeva street 9. The exclusive 매디슨 클럽 has a bit snobbish reputation and many visitors are primarily interested in showing off, either their beauty (women) or wealth (men). Nevertheless it is one of Minsk's nightlife hot spots, thanks thanks to its pretty local girls and sexy go-go dancers. On Minsk’s big avenue, Prospect Nezavisimosti 25, next to the Palace of the Republic, you will find the popular but tiny club Alcatraz. Especially during weekends the dance floor of Alcatraz can be packed with an outgoing crowd and great looking girls. Another popular club is Night Star on Sverdlova street 2. This solid nightclub features a large dance floor is surrounded by various seating and mingling areas and three bars. On the balcony upstairs is a VIP area that gives a good overview of the crowd on the dance floor. Night Star attracts a varied audience amongst many great looking local girls and is a guarantee for an evening of unpretentious pleasure in Minsk. X-Ray on Internatsionalnaya street 27 is a groovy club designed in sixties-style with retro furniture, smooth music and a big outdoor deck where people can chill out in summer. The special theme ‘Vogue-style’ parties in X-Ray are very popular with the local crowd. Another hip venue in Minsk is the trendy designed 28 Bar on Chkalova street 12. In 28 Bar you can dance to a varied and sometimes even edgy music styles and afterwards relax in one of the pleasant chill-our rooms.

민스크에서 나이트 클럽과 바가 업데이트 :

아프리카: located next to 매디슨 클럽 on Timiryazeva str 9. This African style disco club organizes many thematic events like retro parties and adult theme nights. The many photo galleries on the club's website shows how many beautiful girls you can expect inside 아프리카.

Club Next; this club on the 3rd floor in Crown Plaza Hotel (Kirova street 13) is one of Minsk's poshest nightlife venues. High rate of golddiggers and much is about seen and being seen. In weekends you will be impressed by the leggy blonde babes on the dance floor. Club Next has also the reputation of being an excellent pick-up place for pro and semi-pro girls.

Belaya Vezha: nightclub and casino popular at Masherova avenue 17. Casino is located on the ground floor and the crowdy nightclub at the first level. A varied offer of parties and music styles during weekends.

Zuravinka: club located in the centre not far from the main square. The rather small club houses also a restaurant and casino downstairs. In Zuravinka financed with Arab money you will usually notice many middle east men dating local beauties. The crowd is more nature than in for instance West World Club.

검은 문: very stylish but pricy nightclub and lounge bar at Khoruzhey street 29 offering friendly atmosphere and good choice of different music styles, impressive line-up of international DJs like DJ Romeo, DJ Format and Florian Keller.

Belaja vexa: exclusive night club on top of a casino with a good rate of pretty local ladies.

UFO: this venue on Yakuba Kolasa street 37 has the whole package with dance club, karaoke bar and bowling centre. Of all Minsk clubs, UFO is probaby the most local club with only few foreigners. Girls are easy and easily to approach, but basic knowledge of Russian would come in very handy.

타이탄: another entertainment complex on Dzerzhinskogo avenue 104 offering shopping center, casino, 5-D cinema, billiards, bowling, restaurant and a disco club which is very popular with rich locals and foreign students (mostly Arab students from MSLU). It can be fun place but competition for pulling girls is high.

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